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Welcome to Fit Farmer, this site was designed to create a sense of community among like minded individuals around the topics of fitness, health and wellness in rural areas. My goal is to share my passion for health and wellness with others in rural North America and raise awareness of the growing health concerns among farmers and other food producers. Farming has always been a high stress occupation however in the past 15 years the technology, advances in machinery, and efforts to create efficiency in our operations have taken much of the physical aspect out of our lifestyle. Fit farmer is a forum to share and support the unique challenges of attaining and maintaining a strong healthy mind and body while dealing with the stresses of a food producer. I understand these challenges because I live and overcome them everyday. Farmers are roughly 2% of the population and that is my target market however I am more than happy if the other 98% join in and share their journey also!

About Me

My name is Gary Chambers (also known as @TractorView on Social Media) I am a 4th generation farmer, I own and operate a 2400 acre grain farm operation in central Alberta that was established in 1909.  I went to a small town K-12 school and upon completion, I attended the University of Alberta studying Bachelor of Physical Education degree from which I graduated in 1997. I am passionate about many thing however for my entire life along with being a farmer I am a competitive athlete focused on health and wellness in all regards.  I have spent many years in the cross country ski industry and am a CANSI Level 4 instructor. I am a certified AFLCA resistance trainer and spin instructor. I have also spent the last 20 years racing mountain bikes around North America with my teammates from DeadGoat Racing out of Calgary, AB. Despite being one of the most competitive people you will ever meet at my core I am a farmer and take pride in sharing all that I have learned on my journey with others to improve their physical and mental well being.

If you want to get to know a little more about me, my interests and thoughts visit my TractorView Blog.  


My Story

I have spent my life finding the balance between the demands of the farm and maintaining a high performance lifestyle. My passion for health and wellness began in my teens and continued to this day. Upon completing my Physical Education Degree i spent my winters teaching Cross Country Ski programs in Edmonton and the Canmore Nordic Center along with racing XC ski events while returning to the farm each summer. Over the past 20 years I have raced single and multi day mountain bike events across North America such as Single Track 6 and Breck Epic. I still play beer league hockey in my small hometown of Morrin, Ab and take every opportunity to find new challenges as a means of stress management and personal fulfillment. The goal of fit farmer is to create training programs based on my personal experiences that work around the farm lifestyle and seasonal demands.

Experience, Certifications and Education

Bachelor of Physical Education Degree from University of Alberta 1997
Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructor (CANSI) Level 4 Instructor and Level 3 Course Conductor
AFLCA – Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association Resistance Training & Group Leadership

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